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Flavor of the Year - 4 Amazing & Easy Honey Recipes

September is such a fun month, and between NYFW Plus and Blogalicious I've been busy enjoying it! It's the start of Fall, the start of Fall FASHION, the leaves are turning; and its home to National Honey Month AND National Yoga Month.

So confession, if you know me, you know these are two of my favorite things. I have about 5 jars of honey, all different types, in my pantry right now and I have been practicing yoga for two years! So, what's a girl to do to celebrate these months as September draws to a close. Well first, I'm going to share some great honey recipes from the National Honey Board. (My next post will shout out Yoga & look for some Yoga Periscopes)

Sidebar - yes the National Honey Board is a thing. I attended one of their promotional events in DC last Spring, you would be amazed at all the things honey can do, yes, it's a sweetener and can be used in the place of sugar, it was recently voted Flavor of the Year,by Firmenich, but honey also has great antimicrobial properties. Honey has a ton of benefits.

  • Use it to help ease colds - it soothes a sore throat and a teaspoon of honey before bed can ease a cough.

  • Working on flawless skin? Honey is a great moisturizer and helps fights bacteria to keep your skin acne free.

  • It's also a great burst of energy, with only 64 calories per teaspoon; I sometimes takes a teaspoon of honey before my workouts to give me an extra boost.

Visit the National Honey Board's page for more some great Fall honey Recipes

Body Scrub Recipe(not edible)

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