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How the Hyundai Sonata Made Fashion WERK During NYFW Plus

I was in New York for a whirlwind 2 and half days. Breezing in quickly for NYFW Plus then running back to Maryland for a blogging conference. One of the things that made getting around the city easier, was...not taxis, not Uber but the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid.

I received the Sonata for a test drive and I liked it. As always even though I received the vehicle in order to do a review, the opinions in this piece are my own.

Great fashion takes work and the Sonata was up to the job. You know when the model is walking down the runway and some says WERK hunny, WERK (yes with an E) that's how I felt about my Hyundai experience. WERK!

For NYFW Plus I had to go from location to location, one minute I was in Midtown, the next in Soho. The Sonata kept up with all of the demands, the Venetian Red color was sexy, and the car had great amenities, like a back up camera. With New York City parking a back up camera is A MUST HAVE, (really how did I ever park without the backup video camera.)

It wasn't just me benefiting form the Sonata, I was working behind the scenes with the organizer of NYFWPlus so this car had to do double duty, transport me around New York but also hold clothes, shoes, a 6 foot clothing rack and people! The car had more space than I anticipated, really great passenger and interior space, we packed 5 people, clothes and clothing racks into this little gem of a car. This Hybrid was great on gas; I was surprised that we didn't have to fill up the tank more often.

The sound system banged out the Weeknd's latest tracks, I was a happy girl. (Actually, it's the Weeknd so I was beyond happy, his music takes me to another place.)

The Sonata made sure we got to every fashion week event on time and not just fashionably late.;-)

For more info on the Hyundai Sonata check out the page and price point here.

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