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He Named Me Malala Opens this Weekend!

I'm incredibly excited to remind everyone that He Named Me Malala opens nationwide this Friday, October 9!

Who is Malala?

Malala was born in Pakistan in July 1997, her father named her after a Pashtun heroine, Malalai. Malala's father ran a school and Malala inherited his passion for learning. A passionate advocate that girls should be educated, even when many in her hometown believed differently, Malala spoke out on her blog and was featured in a documentary. Unfortunately, not everyone in Malala's hometown believed women should be educated; a masked gunman shot Malala in the head on her way home from school.

Miraculously Malala survived!! She lives on to share her message that all girls should be educated. Learn more about her story here.

As a Brand Ambassador for the He Named Me Malala film, I was able to sit in on a conference call with Malala and hear more about her inspiring story. Wow! What an amazing young woman.

Here's the link to find showings near you: .

Please, please tell your friends, tell your family, that He Named Me Malala is opening and encourage everyone to go see it. If your school, group or civic organization wants to attend, you can also get group tickets.

To learn more about the film and Malala's work you can follow @MalalaFund on social media or follow the hashtag #withMalala.

Parents - what to take your children but aren't sure how to discuss these issues?

That's understandable, how do we share with kids that other kids don't have the same rights, or that someone tried to hurt a young girl? The Malala Fund has graciously provided a Parent Discussion Guide.

Thank you all in advance for your love and support for the film. To know more about Malala and her movement, visit the Malala Fund. I think this is an amazing movement. If you think so too, please share!

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