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Lean Cuisine Weighs What Matters in Their Weigh This Campaign - The Commercial You Must See

Finally the weight loss industry is starting to understand that losing weight isn't just about the pounds. The process of losing weight is so, so , SO, so much about emotion and how you feel about yourself.

Enter Lean Cuisine's #WeighThis campaign. They have a two minute video, that you MUST see, where they ask women to get on a scale and weigh themselves, only the outcome isn't measured in pounds and ounces, its measured in acts and deeds.

In our selfie obssesed, Insta-culture (I'm part of it, I love a good selfie) but in a culture increasingly focused on the outside, Lean Cuisine reminds us that it's what's on the inside that counts.

See the video that has everyone wanting to #WeighThis. I'm not afraid to share that I teared up watching this. So much emotion. Watch, focus on how you feel. Then please scroll down to the comments and tell me what your scale would say. Mine would say Following my dreams, built a blog and now BUILDING A BRAND.

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