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Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Featuring Jamila Woods Release White Privilege II

I love Twitter. It opens up so many different discussions and allows for a diversity of views. In that spirit, let's take on a touchy topic! White Privilege.

I woke up to two very different trending topics on Twitter both bringing up similar discussions, #CharlotteRampling, and #Macklemore.

Rampling trended for her reactions to the Oscar diversity controversy , where she reportedly told a French reporter that the diversty dust up about the Oscars is "racist to white people." Twitter reacted, predictably, but maybe not incorrectly, by pointing out her white privilege.

Meanwhile Macklemore trends because he and Ryan Lewis, dropped this link on Twitter today.

White Privilege II is a Macklemore and Ryan Lewis song featuring Jamila Woods. In 2005 they released their first White Privilege track; so, they are not new to exploring this topic. The 2015 release is extremely timely because the nation has opened up a discussion on diversity, black lives matter vs all lives matter, privilege and struggle.

" We take all we want from black culture, but will we show up for black lives. "

The Twitter response is polarizing, some praising Macklemore, some denouncing him. I question how the same people complaining about Charlotte Rampling also blast Macklemore, when's he's essentially presenting the opposite argument from her. Instead of brushing off systemic racism, or denying claims of black lives matter, he accepts and embraces that these things exist.

Personally, I love the song. This is a difficult conversation to have but I feel its a necessary one. It is so necessary for us to recognize each other's humanity.

Macklemore is presenting different perspectives in an interesting way and also calling out artists he feels have co -opted black culture like Miley Cyrus and Iggy Azalea. Bold. Especially coming from a guy who some say has done the same thing. He is not hiding from his detractors or afraid to express his opinion. The song sounds like we get to ease drop on a conversation Macklemore has with himself, about his place in society and in black culture.

"I want to take a stance because we are not free

And then I thought about it, we are not we

Am I in the outside looking in or in the inside looking out"

I appreciate ANYONE who is not afraid to open a dialogue. If we don't have these conversations and difference of opinions, we can't learn from each other or grow. So speak up Macklemore.

Agree? Disagree? Speak up, don't be silent, take my Twitter poll and tell me if you like the song.

The poll is open for 24 hours only.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

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