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Who is Your Valentine? How About You! #LOVETHYSELF

Since January 1st, the stores have been pushing red, pink and lush Valentine's Day merch. Yes, we know February is Valentine's Day, YEAH to all of you who are BAE'd up. To my Anti- Valentiners, I see you too. Ayy it's just another day.

We focus so much on couples and love and how to show someone else love on Valentine's but we don't often practice Self Love. (No, not that kind get your mind out the self pleasing & yeah, often gratifying gutter)

This year, as I did last year, I'm dedicating February to positive Self Love affirmations. So no Curvy Girl of the Month for February. No, best gifts for him (or her) just a shower of beautiful affirmations and reflections on Self.

I believe in Fierce & Radical Self Love #LoveThyself

Join me on Instagram in the self love movement. Send me your body positive pics, via email or through my Android app . Just visit the app and hit send photo. Photos will be reposted in our #IHEARTME campaign. Nothing wrong with a little fierce and radical self love.

Tell me, what do you love about yourself?

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