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Get Manik! With Top UK Plus Model Olivia Campbell

Let's all get Manik!! I'm talking Manik Mag! For a little over a year, I brought the Curvy Girl story to Manik Mag. Manik is a top authority on pop culture, fashion and news with a curvy spin. I'm happy to be a contributor, interviewing some of the most amazing plus size women in fashion, philantrophy, and business.

I'm super hype to share my interview with Top UK Plus Model Olivia Campbell on Manik Mag. This woman SLAYS. You hear me, like Beyonce. level. Formation. SLAYAGE.!!!

Check out my Manik interview with Olivia, who goes by the apt moniker, Curvy Campbell.

Beautiful, Successful, Proud & Curvy

Photo Credit: Jade Keshia Gorden

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