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Happy Valentine's Day - 2 Last Minute Seductively Simple, Can't Miss Lingerie Ideas for Plus

It's Valentine's Day!!! Happy Love Day to all of the sweethearts, singles Anti- Valentiners. Everyone!

So, ladies if you find yourself caught out there without the proper lingerie for this sexy day. I have 2 quick and easy, brick and morter solutions for you. This means you can just walk into the store, find something in your size, walk out and have a fab Valentine's Night to go with your sweet Valentine's Day.

Lane Bryant - Cacicque

Personal fave of mine. Their bras fit amazing and they have super sexy styles and some special designer collections like Sophie Theallet.

Ashley Stewart

Their Dare to Bare campaign is deliciously, daring and sexy!! The fit is incredible and the style will blow your mind.

So, two super, simple, sexy. solutions. If you don't have time to run out to the mall and pick up something for Valentine's Day, I already guarantee you have the perfect, sexy item already at home - your birthday suit!

Have an amazing day and remember love yourself first! All else is useless if you don't first see the beauty in you! Please share your fave lingerie stores with me in the comments!

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