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IMG Models Introduces BRAWN, their New Plus Size MEN's Division

Well, My Internet feeds are blowing up with this handsome model, Zach Miko. According to WWD Zach is IMG Models first signed plus size, male model.

YES, you heard that right. Plus and Male. We know the plus industry has been taking the world by storm, but usually it's women like Ashley Graham , also signed to IMG or Precious Lee. Now plus size men get their turn. Ivan Bart, president at IMG models is encouraging diversity and evolution. Bart is quoted as saying,

The body positive messaging and size diversity is something that’s relevant and something that continues to be on everybody’s mind. We have to extend the conversation for men.

IMG is shedding antiquated and cumbersome terms like Big & Tall and calling this devision BRAWN.

Miko stands at 6 feet 6 inchs and his a 40 inch waist. Hmm, that's a tall drink of water, in other words, that's a lot of handsome man!

Zach may look familiar, he was the first plus size male model for Target. Need more Zach Miko in your life, peep his Insta.

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