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Curvy Style - A Docu-Series Fit for a Queen - Season 1 Episode 1 Recap

More designers have started designing for plus sizes, like Isabel Toledo and Christian Siriano's capsule collections at Lane Bryant. Proof that the fashion industry is finally catching up with reality and now CentricTV is bringing reality to our TV screens.

Enter Curvy Style with Timothy Snell. Curvy Style is a 30 minute docu-series, on CentricTV, a make over show focused exclusively on curvy women. Let me repeat:

Curvy style is a make over show, focused exclusively on curvy women. Yes, something just for us!!

The show's format splits time between making over curvy women for special events and showing celebrity stylist Timothy Snell styling famous curves. I gave y'all a heads up about this show when I shared a Point of View from a model who went to the casting for Curvy Style. Now, I'm giving you a review of the shows premiere episode.

Here's my episode 1 recap:

Let's get to it

Episode 1 wastes no time getting to the point. It opens with Timothy and an assistant on the move. They're in the car and Timothy gets a call from Queen Latifah's office, requesting Timothy dress Latifah for her most recent movie premiere, Miracles from Heaven. From this point on, the show toggles between award winning musician and actress Queen Latifah to Tawan, a non celebrity, but still fab, plus size woman from Atlanta. Tawan is looking to be glammed up for her 40th birthday party.

Tawan is the leggings queen. Like seriously she might actually own every pair, and color in existence. She meets with Timothy and he basically tells her leggings, uh uh, not on my watch. His exact words ,"Leggings are not fashion, it's an excuse." They bond and she has a tearful moment when she thanks him for showing styles that work for curvy women like her.

Behind the Curtain

Timothy is not the Wiz but he does give us a peak behind the curtain, behind the celebrity curtain that is. (See what I did, the Wiz, Latifah, Wizard. I feel clever, leave me some hand clap emojis in the comments guys lol) We get to see Queen Latifah get dressed. Latifah has reservations about the Escada Baby-Blue Jumpsuit Featuring a high-low Skirt from the Spring 2016 Collection, that Tim picked out. After some hesitation she wore the jumper, it was a risk because it was very different; I think she looked gorgeous and the color was amazing on her. The best part of the show, you get Timothy Tips and insight into why he chose an outfit. He knows his business, so bring paper, a pen and take notes.

Wait! Where are these clothes

My only question, WHERE we can get these curvy clothes? Tell us please! I wish the show would provide more info on the clothes they pulled. I never heard the name of the designer of Tawan's dress and I saw a lot of clothes on the rolling racks that caught my eye. How awesome would it be if we had a style guide for each episode that we could download? @Centric Hint, cough, hint, cough, hint.

Tim takes Tawan to Ashley Stewart for proper undergarments and a Timothy Tip is born.

Timothy Tip- "Commanding Curves begins with great underpinnings. It's crucial to have the proper undergarments to create a smooth and high waistline because it lengthens and smooths your silhouette. "

Shout out to Ashley Stewart for perfect product placement and their butterfly bra, which I hear is amazing.

The Reveal

At the end there was a split screen showing Latifah at her movie premiere and Tawan''s final look I LOVED this. To me this is the part of the show that is revolutionary. Putting regular women on the same level as celebrities, not saying one is more important than the other. The parity that Timothy Snell and Centric give Latifah and Tawan, is refreshing because it emphasizes that no matter who you are, image is important and you deserve to look and most importantly FEEL beautiful. Yes, YOU too are a Queen and Centric and Timothy Snell know it. Tune in Saturdays, 10P/9C on Centric.

Here's a video peak of what to expect this season.


Picture from Centric TV's public Facebook page.

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