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Mental Health, Suicide & Black Pain, A Podcast with Lauren Carson, Founder of Black Girls Smile

Mental illness is so often stigmatized, we talk about it in hushed whispers or in secret. Breaking down stigma and discrimination starts with talking about it! That's why I hosted this particular podcast. We can no longer afford to be quiet when our loved ones are in PAIN and in some instances, DYING. That's why on this podcast episode we are talking about mental health and tools to help overcome mental wellness challenges!!

I spoke with Lauren Carson, the founder Black Girls Smile, a non profit organization dedicated to mental health awareness and education for young women of color. Lauren shares her story, including her multiple attempts at suicide and what epiphany finally convinced her to live. Out of that epiphany, Black Girls Smile was born. Mental illness doesn't discriminate, it effects everyone, so even if you're not a black woman, this podcast is for you; male, female, young, older, black, white, Latino - there is a message here for you - Press Play to hear this moving and resource filled podcast.

If you or someone you know needs help, these resources are available to you.

National Suicide Prevention number 1-800-273 -TALK (8255) and The Crisis Text Line, Text 741741

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