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June Curvy Girl of the Month, Malina Padgett, Creates an App Custom Fit for You

Malina Padgett, Founder Fit + Flatter

I'm inspired by so many people, especially women who are at the forefront of change and making a difference in their communities. This is why I have our Curvy Girl of the Month series, where I highlight women who are powerful entrepreneurs, business leaders and change makers. It doesn't matter to me if you are a size 2 or 22, if you're an entrepreneur inspiring positive change, I want to tell your story.

Our June Curvy Girl of the Month is Malina Padgett. She's at the intersection of body positivity and fashion. She's the founder of blog and mobile app, Fit +Flatter.

Here's Malina's philosophy in her own words:

Who is Malina and what exactly is Fit + Flatter?

Malina Padgett is the founder of Fit + Flatter. F+F is creating a collaborative online platform to help women easily find the most flattering clothing for their body type.

The platform is for the woman who wants a more refined shopping experience, style inspiration from those with similar body types, and a community to help give her confidence to love her shape. F+F beta testing will begin in June and will launch in full towards the end of the summer.

Fit + Flatter Body Positive Quote @Baillieriddell

Body positive message & image, courtesy of F+F. Find this and more on their blog & Instagram

Why did you create this company?

Body positivity is the driving force of the company and we promote women and brands who embody these principles. We promote women, influencers, and brands who want to help make this world more accepting to all shapes and sizes.

How are you Embracing the #ForTheLoveofCurves mantra?

I'm embracing #FortheLoveofCurves by advocating for the love of every body type through Fit + Flatter.

Where can we see more Fit + Flatter?

F+F beta just launched! Sign up here for updates or contact us about working with us an Influencer or brand.

Well, I'm excited to shop with confidence! How about you? Let me know what you think in the comments.

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