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July Curvy Girl of the Month, Jennifer Alexander is a Canadian Beauty Proud of her Curves

Our July Curvy Girl of the Month is, freelance model, Jennifer Alexander. You may remember Jennifer from our body image detox challenge on Instagram, she was one of the winners!

Jennifer is a writer, curvy model, body positive advocate and entertainer from Toronto, Canada. Her article, "I brainwashed myself into believing I am beautiful" for millennial women's magazine, The Tempest, has garnered some of the site's highest readership to date. Here are her views from the six (had to do it) in her own words:

Who is Jennifer Alexander?

I'm a writer, curve model and entertainer from Toronto, Canada. I studied English Literature in University and began my career life writing for the stage. Graduating from The Second City, and being a huge advocate for diversity in the media, I often use humor to shed light on some of society's more weighty issues. Currently, I can be found working with popular curvy brands, promoting an inclusive, body-positive message to my many followers on social media.

What does the #ForTheLoveOfCurves mantra mean to you?

I put myself out there, writing articles and creating images all about championing diversity in the media and self acceptance!

How can people keep up with you?

Follow me on Instagram @JenniferAlexanderModel for the scoop on my latest projects and events. I can be found next at the Fuller Woman Expo In Toronto, Canada on the "No Body Shame Boat Cruise" with FabUplus Magazine (July 15th, 2016). If you're in the area, come say "hello" and join in the celebration of curves!

Photo Credits: Instagram: @JenniferAlexanderModel

Follow this model and her amazing journey, comment below and share your story on how you embrace your curves.

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