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5 Plus Size Pole Dancers on Instagram- You Should Follow Now

5 Plus Size Pole Dancers you should be following on Instagram

Pole fitness has been around for sometime now and is a great way to get in shape and have fun. When you think of pole dancing, plus size pole dancers don’t always come to mind. Actually there are some awesome plus size polers out there. These pole dancers are defying the odds of what society thinks they can do.

You can find these awesome polers in studios all over and competing at competitions such as the Dangerous Curves Plus Size Pole Competition or The International Pole Convention (Pole Con) and other pole dancing events.

Here are 5 plus size pole dancers you should be totally follow on Instagram.

The “Diva” herself “Roz the Diva”

Roz the Diva Pole Danger

Roz is an awesome pole dancer, teacher, personal trainer and motivator. She is a certified pole instructor and personal trainer located in New York at 3 studios Body & Pole, IncrediPole and Brooklyn Fit Lab. She also travels to studios to teach workshops such as “Build Your Stage Confidence”, “Coaching Plus Size Athletes”, and “Throw That Ass in a Circle”. Roz also created “Dangerous Curves Plus Size Pole Competition” in 2012 and took “Dangerous Curves” to PoleCon this year. You can find Roz on Instagram at @rozthediva or on her website

Eda Marbury “Eda’s Climb”

Eda Marbury Plus Size Pole Dancer

Eda has been noted as the woman who has lost over 60 pounds and gained confidence through pole dancing. She has been featured in various news outlets and is a motivational speaker about her climb to the TOP! She is telling her story about overcoming personal fears and finding love for herself and pole dancing. Her Youtube and Instagram videos are inspiring and show that pole dancing is for every size woman. You can follow Eda at @edasclimb

Tausha Ostrander

Tausha Ostrander

Tausha is the reigning champion of the 2015 Dangerous Curves Plus Size Pole Competition and 2016 director. She is an instructor at Vertical Fusion in Colorado, teaching pole enthusiast tricks and moves to make them feel fierce. I can’t wait to see what she has in store for Dangerous Curves 2016, which will be held in Colorado on October 1st. Follow her at @taushaostrander

Zack Von GaGa

Zack Von Gaga Pole Dancer

Yes, there are male plus size pole dancers. Pole dancing is for any size or gender. As you can see Zack is amazing. Check out his strength and fierceness. Follow him at @zack_von_gaga.


Jada Plus Size Pole Dancer

Jada is a body positive advocate and creator of the blog Curvy Girls Pole. She strives to inspire the women who are already into pole dancing to keep pushing and new comers to overcome their fears. She was a part of the Dangerous Curves Showcase at the 2016 International Pole Convention. Check out her page at @i_am_ couture

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