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The Curvy Series: Curvy Bloggers to Watch, Charleston Edition

Remember, I when I told you our very own Brand Ambassador, the Charleston Chick, would be sharing intimate portraits of outstanding bloggers and body positive advocates in her city for the month of August? well, this is her first profile!, a dope Charleston blogger, Jasmine. Check out the profile:

CC: Hey, Charleston Chick here, bringing you one of my fellow Charleston bloggers. She is definitely a blogger you want to know. I asked her to introduce herself and tell everybody about what inspires her, what are her goals and what her challenges are. I also asked her about her style and what body confidence means to her. I think she will easily become one of your favorites.

J: Hello, my name is Jasmine I am in my late 20’s married to my best friend, and I’m currently working on my Bachelor of Social Work degree. I love to travel, eat good food, read books, practice my photography and shop (shopping is my cardio) I am from Charleston, SC. I love living in Charleston but I do have a desire to live overseas, for a new experience. The name of my blog is Simply Jasmine Ashley. I like to write about topics such as plus size fashion, travel, a little bit of beauty and natural hair, and lifestyle for example health, mental health and things happening in the land of Jasmine. Fashion and beauty are two of my favorite things to talk about, but I make it my goal to give advice and share experiences about real life topics.

My best friend inspired me to start blogging and it’s a way to express myself creatively. Honestly finding inspiration for blogging is difficult. That’s when I log off the internet, gather my thoughts. Inspiration for me come from magazines, other fashion bloggers, street style I may see throughout the day, the newest trends to come out, and watching fashion documentaries. Sometimes I get really good blog titles that pop up in my head, and I write them down quickly so I don’t forget.

I don’t have a set personal style. I wear what I like. I enjoy trying different trends, patterns and shapes of clothing and seeing what works best for my body type. With the plus size fashion industry growing so quickly there are a lot more options from when I was in high school. More options mean I can be unique and risky with my style. I also have days where I’m minimal and neat. A few of my fashion inspirations are Kim Kardashian, Olivia Palermo, and Solange.

My biggest challenge as a blogger is remaining organic in an industry where so many others are talking about the same thing.

In 2017 I would like to be more organized, interact with/ gain more readers, create content weekly, become a better writer, go to more blogging events near and far. Network with creators that have the same niche as me.

In the future I hope my blog will inspire others. I hope to create something or collaborate with one of my favorite brands. I also hope to create a genuine community in the Plus Size Fashion industry/ blogging world where everyone feels like they belong.

Body confidence to me means working with what you’ve got and owning it, because you want too. Not because someone is telling you to or feeding you false “body confidence”. I mean waking up every day and loving the skin you’re in whether fat, skinny, acne filled, or you have stretch marks. Body confidence to me means loving yourself on your best days and on your worst. I know everyday is not perfect, because I have those days too, but the key is to get up and keep going.

Checkout more about Jasmine on Instagram, Facebook and her blog :

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