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Collections - XO Asante - Bold Designs Inspire Bold Energy in this Curvy Collection

XO Asante Model Liris Crosse African print

File this under, things I can't get enough of...

When I first saw this collection earlier this Summer, , it blew my mind, Rue 114 - now XO Asante by Serwah Asante came out with an African Barbie collection. Not only does it feature one of my favorite models, Liris Crosse, there is some serious next level , fashion forward ish here.

I find myself going back to the page over and over just for the stunning imagery. This is definitely one of those moments when Fashion & Art collide, in the best of ways. As we head into Fall, I want to stand out and I think there are quite a few pieces in this collection that can be re-purposed for Fall. Hmmm, ideas... What do you think? Comment below and let me know how you would rock these bold fits?

Press Play and see the video and pure slayage for yourself.

Oh and yes! Men were invited to the party. Looks for him too!

XO Asante

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