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I’m Just Dream Chasing! How Chasing my Dream Built My Confidence.

When I decided to get into the plus size industry, my goal was to be a model. Well I had to learn that there were other ways to be a part of this industry. Trust me I’ve taken model classes with Samantha Lebbie and Liris Crosse and spoke with several key people and have gotten similar feedback from all of them, there are other ways to make an impact. Well here is my journey on how I’m shaping my way into the plus size industry.

The first thing I did was enter the Miss Plus America Pageant, because having a reputable title can go a long way. My title was Miss Maryland Plus America 2013 with a platform of women’s empowerment. I got myself a pageant coach, Nina Taylor a plus model and Miss DC Plus America 2011. One of the first things she told me was that, yes the industry always needs new models, but they also needed a lot more. She said if modeling doesn’t work out, don’t get discouraged. Those words have stuck with me in my journey.

Miss Maryland Plus America 2013

Fast forward 2 years later, I find out that a fellow pageant sister had started a local Miss Plus America Pageant for DC and Maryland. Because my goal in life is to empower women; I reached out to help recruit and train the contestants. I had no clue that I would be crowned once again as Miss Maryland Plus America Ambassador 2015. This gave me the opportunity to continue my journey of inspiring women to fulfill their dreams.

Miss Maryland Plus America Ambassador 2015

That same year I was named the Curvy Spokesmodel for Curves Rock Fashion Weekend. I had no clue how this title would shape my path. I mean print work naturally comes easy to me, I love being in front of the camera, but runway modeling is a different story. Don’t get me wrong I tried to work on it. Remember I went to a model class with Samantha Lebbie, who has become the BEST mentor, and did a few private consultations with her as well it’s just not my strong suit. As the Curvy Spokesmodel I was able to host several events and conduct red carpet interviews. I had a ball. The weekend was very fulfilling and I got great feedback. That built my confidence so much, I reached out to the founders of National Curves Day and helped host their 2015 celebration. Once again I got the same feedback. Next thing you know I was on a path to making a name for myself as an event host.

Wow! I was shocked that people were loving my hosting skills. I made a decision to focus on print work, because I love the camera lol, and hosting events. This year I hosted the Curvy CEOs: Lingerie Soiree where I moderated the curvy love panel discussion and co-hosted the 2016 District of Curves Fashion Show. I started thinking hmmm…. I’m on to something now!

Curvy CEO's: Lingerie Soiree 2016

National Curves Day 2016 came and I was once again asked to host. I was there to host and have fun. Of all the events the Curves Talk Live and Honors Fashion Show were my favorite. Not only was I able to do my thing as a host, but I also did a lot of networking which is very important in this business. After finding my way and honing my craft I know that the path I’m on now is right for me. When I hosted events, one thing that stuck with me was the energy I give people and the energy they give me. I feed off of it and it’s so fulfilling. I’m continuing that empowerment platform. Maybe that’s why God took me on this journey. I had an idea and he is just shaping it for me, so this is my focus. So I say to anyone reading this, follow your heart and recognize the signs!

Guest Blogger, The Kurvy Diva is a lifelong resident of Prince Georges County Maryland. She believes that embracing your body is one of the most empowering aspects of life. Through her work with DC FemEx and Pageants she has encouraged women to have a positive body image.

One of her favorite quotes is “Cultivate your curves-they may be dangerous, but they won’t be avoided”-Mae West. She is passionate about continuing her work of empowering more women to appreciate themselves and have a powerful voice.

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