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Designer Tips for Holiday Style

It's holiday season, think New Year's Eve, sequins and shine. There are lots of holiday look books out but what are the best tips for expressing your style? Here's what three of my favorite independent designers have to say about dressing up your style.

Yona Love,Founder & Designer, Yona New York

"First, I love Leopard print. Leopard print boots, necklace, anything with leopard print works perfectly this time of year. Second, chokers are absolutely in right now! This is the perfect accessory to complete outfits as you head out to those holiday parties."

K. Secret, Founder & Creative Director, Jon Marc

Style tip: Make it a Two for- By changing the accessories

"Blazers are always a staple that will take a look from office to office party, happy hour, date, or hanging out with the girls after work. But I would consider. Changing the lip from light for work to darker and bold (for natural makeup only, otherwise you'd look like a clown and too much makeup). Coat check/Toss the blazer and go for a belt ,skinny or dramatic depending on the garment), a cute clutch, after hours earrings (from stud to sparkle) and change the work shoe to a stiletto.

So recap: Style tip one: Make it a Two for- By changing the accessories

Denise Bidot

Mallorie Dunn, Founder & Designer, Smart Glamour

"The only style tip I live by and encourage is to wear what makes your heart happy."

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