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How did you lose that weight?

I see a lot of before/after weight loss pictures on Instagram so I thought I’d share my own journey.

Sometimes you don’t realize how dramatic your weight loss is until you post pics side by side. I know that’s the case with me. As a freelance plus size model I have a lot of pictures to compare but I didn’t truly notice the weight loss until I tried to hand someone my business card, which has, my picture on it, and they said,” that’s you?!!” Ummm… yeah, - note to self- get new cards ASAP!

When you lose weight, many people ask how you did it. For me it was diet and exercise, heavy on the exercise. Zumba, yoga, weight training, Zumba! Yes, I said Zumba twice, because I love it so much, it’s great cardio and fun.

I go to the gym three to four times a week. I jumpstarted my work out with a group personal training class that I attended once a month for about 5 months. It was nice to have a coach give me a plan for the month. Once I followed it for a few months, I was ready to get out there on my own. The first few months I lost only about 7 lbs, but fast forward a little over a year later and I’m down 33 lbs! Patience and persistence paid off for me and it will pay off for you too.

I started slow, trust in the beginning , it was more about the gym cuties and less about crunches, (hey I’m single and flirting is like my sixth sense) but now I’m a bit of a gym rat and I have TWO gym memberships, shout out to Golds Gym and LaFitness.

I went from a size 18/20 to a size 14/16, still curvy but healthier. I have the confidence to love me at any size. I must say, I definitely notice the health benefits of weighing less. Being the healthiest I can and rocking healthy curves is living life to the fullest, so I’m living that curvy girl life.

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