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Remember When Skinny Was a 4 Letter Word?

Remember, when Skinny was a 4 letter word?

Yeah, neither do I.

It's throwback Thursday so I thought I'd throw back to the 1950's! Today's media images encourage the thin, skinny ideal, photo shopping women to unrealistic proportions.

Well in the 1950's and 60's attitudes were different. There were many advertisements prompting a curvier shape as the ideal, offering products to help skinny women become curvy girls. Instead of showing before and after weight loss, the reverse was popular - before and after weight gain.

So what do we think about that? Does the past hold more positive body acceptance messages or is suggesting women take a pill to gain weight, still just the media projecting and controlling body image standards?

Personally I'm happy I look more like the after in this picture. What about you… sound off now - why weight? ;-)

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