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MAC's New Make Up Line is a Real Horror!! (But I love it)

Rocky Horror that is, as in the 1975 cult classic, musical comedy horror movie The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Im a science fiction geek, sure I'm a fly nerd but I must admit to knowing more about Sci Fi than your average girl next door, so I'm beyond hype to hear about this line.

I like the Rocky Horror Picture Show, watching it is one helluva ride and I'm sure the make up inspired by this Sci Fi, gender bending, cultural touchstone will chill you, thrill you, fufill you. The make up line is inspired by movie character favorites. Sign up for more info.

The line will come out just in time for Halloween and the upcoming 40th anniversary of the movie's release.


The line includes glitter ( of course), lipstick shades such as Sin and Frank -N- Furter, grease paint and limited edition MAC #7 lashes. My favorite lash, I love rocking the 7s.

Rock-horror-lipstick 4 shades.jpg
Rock-horror-Lashes 7.jpg

If you love MAC, like I do, or you're just a Sci Fi buff like me, I know you're waiting for the MAC Rocky Horror line with Anticipa..... tion.

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