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It's Here, the Scandal Collection by the Limited, Tweet with Me Thursday, 9pm

So today, marks the introduction of the Scandal clothing collection at the Limited, inspired by the Shonda Rhimes produced ABC show, Scandal, featuring Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope. You can find in stores and online today. The Limited will have 42 pieces for fall and another 42 pieces coming in their holiday collection.

There are capes and lots of white of course, Olivia Pope's signature color. The ever popular white and black mix is there and the line has a very neutral palate.

Handle with care cape scandal collection.jpg

My only complaint is, you probably won't see Shonda Rhimes, the show's creator, in these clothes, because she can't fit them, yes Shonda is a plus size diva; I don't personally know her size, but I do know the items in the Limited Scandal collection only go from size 0 - 16. There are a lot of fly, curvy gladiators above a size 16 who will miss out. We want to wake up, get dressed and be fierce, gladiators in a suit as well.

vermont jam Scandal collection.jpg

I believe the Scandal team who designed these items, including costume designer Lyn Paolo, could have simultaneously launched this line at the Limited and say, a store like Lane Bryant. This way women from size 0 - size 26/28 could have also experienced the Scandal line. Lane Bryant is doing some amazing fashion collections with designers like Isabel Toledo (who designed for the first lady of the United States. ) it would have been a great combo.

dark secrets scandal collection.jpg

Until they see the light, I will check out which items in the Scandal collection will fit my curvaceous size 14/16 frame, and there are always accessories , like elbow length gloves! I'm still an obsessive Scandal fan but I can enjoy the show and continue to request options for the curvier among us.

In case you're one of the five people on the planet who don't know about Scandal, here's a recap. It's a drama on ABC that details the life, career, and love of a Washington D.C. fixer, Olivia Pope. She cleans up the mess of politicians and the like, Olivia Pope is a no - nonsense career women with the fashion sense of a Vogue magazine wrapped in Alexander McQueen. No matter what the situation, when Livy is on the case, it's HANDLED, except of course for that little scandalous affair she's having with the President of the United States. oh! I'll be watching every Thursday night at 9/8c. It's must Tweet T.V. Join me as I live Tweet the Fall season premier this Thursday, 9/25. I tweet from my personal page @_KristinaDenise. Can't wait to chat with you!

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