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How to be a Tomboy Princess - Hint - Read This!

GUEST BLOG POST - How to be a Tomboy Princess

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I've taken a break from writing (today only). So I have a guest blogger for you, Jean Walker, co-founder of Tomboy Princess! Tomboy Princess is a work-out apparel line that goes up to size 2x, because healthy curves can come in many sizes.

Check out the post below and tune in EVERY Friday in October for FITNESS FRIDAY when Tomboy Princess will give us some healthy curves tips.

When I found out that Kristina Denise wanted to partner with Tomboy Princess, I was super excited – to say the very least. Being a curvy girl myself, I know how important it is to find confidence within; to really be okay in your own skin. There’s something to be said for loving yourself all the while on your journey to creating a better self. Improving one’s self doesn’t mean that you disapprove of the person you are right now. If anything, it shows that you love yourself all the more because you’re willing to be better. You recognize you deserve better. Tomboy Princess strives to put that spark in women of all ages.

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So, how did it all begin? It literally began out of a conversation I had with my husband. Out of my frustration one night, I was explaining to him that I knew I was supposed to be more than what I’d become. I’m tough, but I want somebody to care for me. I like football. (Like, really like football.) I like classic & muscle cars. (A ’56 or ’57 Chevy Bel Air is my ultimate dream car.) I used to watch wrestling every week as a kid, and I grew up watching Transformers, G.I. Joe, He-man, and my personal favorite – Thundercats (Hooooooooooooo)! My favorite outfit would include jeans, a t-shirt, & some phat sneakers. Maybe even a ball cap pulled down low, depending on the hair situation that day. Still, I like my nails to be polished. I like to wear just about any kind of hoop earrings as my go-to accessories (always with my wedding band, too). My favorite movies are (seemingly extinct these days) ROM COMS. I love love. I want to be strong, beautiful, sexy, and unapologetically me. After going on and on for a while, I summed it all by saying, “You know, I’m kind of this tomboy princess.” That instant it was like the world stopped spinning. When I spoke those words to my husband, I knew there was no going back. I’m not a born entrepreneur, but my husband is. It would’ve been a hard fight to convince him not to act on the name. So, Tomboy Princess was born and I’m thankful for every part of it.

See, I’ve always been a big girl. I’ve always had to “fight” to be healthy. In doing so, I lost weight a few times, but never in the healthiest of ways. So, of course, the weight came flooding back. Still, I’ve never been able to let fitness go. I know that within health & fitness my purpose is found. Though I don’t look the part (and I’m still striving to LOOK the part), I was born to encourage women to be their very best. That’s the heart of Tomboy Princess. The clothes are a by-product of our desire to wake women up to the true kick-butt beauties that they are. Strength and beauty are not one size fits all, and neither is our apparel.

The struggle is real! I’ve been in the store looking for cute exercise clothes only to find that the cutest ones are for those who are smaller than me. To be frank, that sucks! So, when we decided to go down this road of women’s fitness apparel, we made sure that we covered a range of sizes. Why? Curvy girls want to be healthy too, and we like to wear cute clothes while we’re working on our fitness. (Okay, okay. It’s true that once the workout is done, we’re not too cute, but at least our clothes are still awesome!) Right now, we manufacture novelty-type shirts (tanks and tees with slogans on them). We provide sizes small, medium, large, extra-large, and double extra-large. We just released Tomboy Princess BABY , which includes some cutie patootie onesies and tees for infants. Next up is Tomboy Princess KIDS and winter-friendly women’s fitness apparel.

We have big plans! Tomboy Princess was born in December 2013 and it’s been full speed ahead since that time. While our current designs are near and dear to our hearts (and always will be), we’re shooting to create our own original garments. We are determined to be a premiere women’s fitness apparel brand, not just because of our awesome clothes, but for all of which Tomboy Princess stands. We’ve created a community (we like to call the “royal court”) of women from all over the world who have the Tomboy Princess heart. We inspire, empower, and encourage.

Tomboy Princess: The Exclusive Fashion Fitness Apparel for the Strong & Beautiful. Let’s inspire the world!

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When I think about offering some kind of fitness or weight loss advice to someone, I think about what I tell myself to get pumped. The very first thing that comes to mind is making the decision to do something good for myself. See, when I feel good, my husband feels good, and our children feel good. Everybody knows if mama’s not happy nobody’s happy, right?

So, the fit tip for today is DECIDE. Decide that you want to be happy. Decide that you are worth it. Decide that eating healthier food is a smart thing to do. Decide to have water with dinner instead of soda. Decide to walk up the stairs instead of taking the elevator. Decide to educate yourself about healthy eating and exercise. You don’t have to do it all in one day, because that’s a sure way to fail. Decide to take small steps toward leading a healthier life. Your body will thank you for it. Just DECIDE to do something!

You can find Tomboy Princes here:

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