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Fitness Friday - How to be Flexible

Guest Blog Post

Each Friday in October, founder of Tomboy Princess clothing, Jean Walker, provides a Fitness Friday tip. You can see last week's tip here. How approriate, this week she talks about stretching and Yoga! As you know we just had our online Yoga class this past Wednesday. The universe is aligning! The class will be online for another 3 days, check it out .

Don’t Forget to Stretch!

A good flexibility or yoga routine should be part of every fit girl’s exercise rotation. Working hard to build muscle and burn fat won’t do you much good if your muscles are tense and contracted most of the time. Having a yoga session once, twice, or three times a week will help to elongate muscles (stretch ‘em out), soothe muscle soreness, and increase flexibility.

Don’t be fooled into thinking yoga is easy-peasy. It can be as easy or as complicated as you want it. Start slow, figure out where you’re at difficulty-wise and then go for it! You’ll love

the benefits, guaranteed!

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