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Fashion Fridays - Jumpsuits and the Curvy Girl - It's a Wrap!

Hi Y'all!

My Southern roots are showing, that happens when I get excited and I am sooo, so, so, so, SO, excited to introduce you to Fashion Fridays.

Curvy Girl Chronicles FF.png

For the next few weeks, I'm going to show you a different fashion trend, some will be avant garde, some you might not even expect for plus size bodies but ALL will work for you. It's all in how YOU work it.

This round of Fashion Fridays is sponsored by local Maryland designer, Dreams by Danielle.

First up is the jumpsuit, but not any jumpsuit; it combines two of my favorite styles, the wrap dress with the comfortable, always stylish jumpsuit - it's a Wrap Jumpsuit!


Wrap Jumpsuit

The wrap jumpsuit is an elegant twist on the jumpsuit. Its neckline accentuates your bust and the wrap fit allows you to show off your figure while hiding any extras lbs you may have put on over the holidays. Not conservative? You want to show off those curves, no problem, just tighten the belt and show off more curves.

Here's a video to show you how well it moves on your body. The jumpsuit is modeled by fellow plus model and blogger, Rae.

As our Fashion Friday sponsor, Dreams by Danielle is offering a 15% discount on orders over $50. The discount code is Curvy Girl Dreams and will run from Friday, January 9th until Friday, January 30th. Hmm, sounds like that's just in time to get orders in and back before Valentine's Day.

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