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Love Affirmation - Meet Fang, Now Tell Fang to Sit Down & Shut Up- Day 7

For the Love of Curves

Each day in February , (the month of LOVE) I'll be posting daily affirmations, love affirmations. Reminding you to show just as much love to yourself as you show to others! Far too off WE are our biggest critics. I know I'm mine! On days I think I look my worst, I get the most compliments, when I feel unaccomplished or like I wasted the day, others will comment on how much I got done! There is sometimes a negative voice inside, I heard someone refer to this nagging, negative vocie as "Fang." Fang will tear us up. But why war with yourself? You wouldn't punch your self in the face repeatedly so why repeatedly beat your self up verbally! Love your self, change what you can, embrace what you can't! And tell Fang to shut the F$%K up!!

LIFE quote Satuday Day 7.png

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