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Meet Our May Curvy Girl of the Month Photographer Nikki Gomez

I'm back with some amazing Curvy Girls, these women are taking their industry and the world by storm! It's time to meet our May Curvy Girl of the Month, Nikki Gomez.

NIkki Gomez is a photographer, model scout, tv personality and now podcast personality. I've admired her work for years and I'm excited to introduce her to you.

Nikki in her own words:

I have over a decade in the fashion business, working successfully as a print, fit and commercial model, a fashion wholesale representative, professional fashion photographer, model scout and star of TLC's docu-series "Big Sexy". In 2013 I joined Bicoastal MGMT as their head booker and created their plus size print division in addition to managing all divisions and cultivating client relationships for the agency.

In January of 2015, I returned to my passion of photography full time and continue to work with top agencies and models in the industry. I'm located in New York City and continue to build my body of work. I enjoy scouting and developing new models.

Some of my work:

Chane V, MSA Models

How do you embrace the #ForTheLoveofCurves mantra and live life to the fullest?

#ForTheLoveofCurves embodies how I live my life. I have dedicated my career to showcasing the beauty of women of all sizes. In their beauty I see the women I grew up with. I see my mother, my grandmother and myself. We are all women. We are all beautiful and size doesn't dictate our beauty or our happiness. We have to love ourselves now, as we are. All happiness comes from within first.

Techla Nesbitt

Where can we find Nikki G?

I will be in L.A. May 7-14th and have some slots available for test shoots if anyone is interested in testing. They can also keep in touch with me via:


@nikkijgomez on Twitter

My website

My podcast-The Nikki Gomez Show is available on my website as well as iTunes!

Tia-True Model Management

Look out for more this month from Nikki Gomez and Curvy Girl Chronicles!

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