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Clothes & Confidence with Emme & Macy's

I told you about the Saturday, May 16 event that plus sized super model Emme was having at Macy's in Columbia, Maryland.

I'll have some confidence with my fashion please:

This wasn't just a fashion show about the spring and summer trends. At the end Emme answered questions from the audience about the clothes they saw and answered everything from how to feel comfortable and confident wearing a sleeveless shirt to how to pack for travel, save your plastic from the dry cleaners to pack clothes in and always pack an LBD, Little Black Dress.

Even though they didn't show swimsuits, Emme was kind enough to answer my question about the trend in plus size bikinis swimwear. She said if it feels good to you and makes you comfortable you should wear it.

Of course it wasn't all question and answers, there was a fashion show here. Styles from Alfani, Style and Co, shoes from Jessica Simpson and more, all available at Macy's. I was just most impressed with the confidence boosting Q & A and the camaderie I felt among the women in attendance. One woman even cried at meeting Emme, saying Emme was such a hero for her. Emme was very encouraging, and even shouting me out as a great example of how to wear sparkle in the daytime. She gave a lot of fashion advice and after the Q & A she mingled with the crowd, taking pictures and meeting her fans.

Me, Kristina Denise, Super Model Emme, and travel blogger Kirstin from

Macy's made this event special, with a spring inspired runway, passed hor d' oeuvres from Seasons 52 restaurant, a D.J. and a gift if you spend $75.00 or more. It was a fun Saturday outing. I tried not to shop (budgeting) but with Macy's pricing, coupons and great selection I couldn't resist and ended up with a pair of hot pink Jessica Simpson strappy sandals!

Oh and the runway was lovely, for liability reasons they wouldnt let us get up and walk the runway after the show, but you know as a model I had to find some way to put my mark on the runway. That's where this final picture was born! lol #SparkleIntheDaytime

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