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Our June Curvy Girl of the Month, Maui Bigelow, has a Confession...

She's fabulous! OK that's not her confession; it's no secret she's Fab. Just read more about our June Curvy Girl of the Month to see why.

I'm profilling fellow blogger, founder and CEO of P.H.A.T. Girl Fresh, Maui Bigelow, another amazing woman in our Curvy Girl of the Month series. You can find her thoughts, fashion and inspiration on her site PHAT Girl Fresh. Maui is based in Atlanta, and is quickly becoming known for throwing the hottest events for the curvy community, like her recent Life Styled Queens Connected event. Life Styled 2015 fused fashion, entertainment and empowerment and honored some of the She-roes of the plus size community. Maui has more events coming up, including the mysterious Confessions series. Hmmmm, sounds very interesting. Let's hear Maui's story.

Maui, In her own words:

I am Maui Bigelow, founder of the brand PHAT Girl Fresh. The PHAT Girl Fresh brand was created as a way for me to use my gifts to encourage, empower and educate other women and girls. The word PHAT is an acronym for four characteristics I feel all women should embody;

Passionate, Happy, Appreciative and True.

Under the PHAT Girl Fresh umbrella there is a blog, an annual fashion show/honors event, a t-shirt line and an all-female monologue; The Confessions of a PHAT Girl.

Where it all started:

As a young girl, I found my purpose in my pain and begin to understand that womanhood doesn’t greet every girl in the same manner. This understanding is what fuels me daily. Basically, what I went through in life prepared me to become the woman I was destined to be. I'm an advocate for women and girls because of the experiences I had and my understanding that those experiences can assist others.

How do you embrace the #ForTheLoveofCurves mantra and live life to the fullest?

I embrace #ForTheLoveofCurves by loving myself in spite of what society says about me and my size and I encourage other women to do the same.

Want to know more about Maui and what makes this P.H.A.T. girl fresh? Find her here:

Maui, thanks for sharing your story with us!

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