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Music Motivation Playlist - Songs Inspired by the movie AMY.

OK, first let’s acknowledge it’s not Monday people! LOL It’s been one of those weeks, hectic at work, hectic at home and I didn’t get this post out Monday BUT, as I always say, my

Music Monday Motivation posts are meant for you to listen to all week. Soooo, better late than never.

The other day, I saw the movie AMY, a documentary on Amy Winehouse. I love her music, her eclectic musical style, deeply moving voice and that Ronette’s inspired hair! Even if you’re not a fan (how could anyone not be a fan? Her voice!!! Ahhhh) the movie is moving. The theater was silent; everyone was just so engrossed with Amy’s persona on screen. I felt almost guilty watching it. It so perfectly captures the insatiable hunger to know every bit, no matter how personal, of a celebrity’s life. It was almost like you were viewing it through the eye’s of the paparazzi.

On the surface Amy’s story seems like so many other celebrities, who, facing the challenges of fame and success turn drug and alcohol abuse. However, the movie reveals other motivations behind her substance abuse demons and gives you an intimate picture of the woman, her talent, her success and her failings.

Amy Winehouse died on July 23, 2011 from accidental alcohol poisoning, but her beautiful voice lives on. This week my playlist includes songs from Amy’s catalog and songs from some of her favorite jazz artists, like Ella Fitzgerald and Tony Bennett. I hope the tracks about love, lost, heartache and hope are as soothing to you as they are to me.

I’ll be back next Monday with another summer music playlist. Can't wait, get your fix and check out my favorite Music Monday.

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