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New Ashley Stewart Holiday Look Book

It's the most wonderful time of the year,

With the Sales registers belling,

And everyone telling you "Girrrrl you better buy that skirt! You look Good! WERK"

Ok, so I may have altered those lyrics a bit. LOL It's holiday time and yes it's a wonderful time for counting your blessings, celebrating advent, meeting up with family and friends and general cheer. It's also the time we have the BEST excuses to shop. Holiday Party? I need a new dress, Meeting the parents, I need an appropriate sweater, Gift Giving Time? Hmmm, let's see what this store offers.

So of course I'm going to hit you with some of the best plus size, curvy diva, holiday collections. I already gave you a sneak peak with my Curves Rock Fashion Show coverage in AUGUST. YES I showed these looks back then, but you might not have been ready. So now that we're closer to the holidays. Lets take a sneak peak at Ashley Stewart's look book.

Don't miss out on anything check out their complete lookbook.

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