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Curvy Girls Run Too: Women's Running Magazine Cover Explodes Stereotypes - Again

Picture this - you're in your grocery store and you're looking at the magazine rack. You're interested in some healthy meals so you look at the fitness magazines. See anyone who looks like you? If you're one of the over 70% of American women who wear size 12 or above, the answer is no.

I work out, Zumba and Yoga, and when I go to the gym I see women my size (16) and bigger hitting the gym hard! Yet, many of these magazines, targeted to women who believe in fitness, often act as if we, don't exist.

Well enter Women's Running Magazine, they made headlines last year when they featured a plus size woman - an actual curvy, belly having, thick thighs , woman, running on their magazine. LOVED IT. They proved that wasn't just a one off for publicity's sake. This month they have plus size influencer, model and fierce fashion provocateur, Nadia Aboulhosn on their cover.

Nadia Aboulhosn Magazine Cover

YES, curvy girls can and DO run, DO yoga, DO zumba and more. The world is finally catching up. It's not an anomaly when you see us out there running or biking, it's our way of life too.

I'm buying the magazine to show my support. If you want more of this curvy beauty getting healthy. Check out Nadia's takeover of the Women's Running Magazine Instagram page.

Nadie Aboulhosn

So, drop a line below and let me know what's your favorite way to keep your curves healthy?

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