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The Lane Bryant Ad THEY Don't Want You to See


The infamous THEY, you know THEY always seem to have something to say, DJ Khaled told you that, but you also know from experience.

THEY say plus size women shouldn't wear crop tops. THEY say plus size women shouldn't wear bold prints, THEY say curvy girls shouldn't show too much skin. THEY say a lot of things, none of it true!

So when Lane Bryant rebelled against THEY by showing curves in a beautiful, loving and sexy manner, Lane Bryant clapped back at THEY, inspiring women everywhere to believe in their body and proclaim that THIS BODY is so much more.

I remember being told I could never model, THEY said it wasn't for big girls. Well shocker, I've walked runways up and down the East Coast, including at New York Fashion Week plus. Hmmph , wonder what THEY have to say about THAT!

How have you protested against the THEY's of the world? Let me know in the comments.

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