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The Curvy Series: Another Blogger to Watch - XOXO Joelle

Our very own Curvy Girl Chronicles' Brand Ambassador, the Charleston Chick , is guest blogging and covering bloggers in her home town. Up next -XoxoiJoelle.

This blogger is well on her way to becoming a powerhouse in the blogging industry. She is the women behind, Plus Size Fashion and Lifestyle Blog XoxoiJoelle. I met her a few years ago and we connected on a creative level. She is an inspiration and is very passionate about her craft. She is currently pursing a Bachelors in Social Media Marketing. When asked what blogging means to her, what motivates her and how she feels about the body positive movement, this is what she had to say:

On Blogging...

" My blog means everything to me it's a way for me to express myself and just be me. I've been blogging for the past few years and I've had to make a few changes to fit ME and not the mold of what other bloggers are doing. In five years I will be running a Social Marketing Business for bloggers. My goals are to be an Influencer for brands who represent who I am."

On Body Confidence...

To me body confidence is not just about an outer appearance but inner as well. It's the way you carry yourself and loving yourself unapologetic ally. You shouldn't have to depend on others to make you feel confident. No matter what size you are confidence starts with you!

Check out Ireana, under xoxoijoelle on her Instagram & facebook page and her blog at

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