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The Curvy Series - Blogger Spotlight - The Charleston Chick

Hey everyone, Charleston Chick . your friendly guest blogger here, you may be wondering who I am and why I'm here?

I'm from Charleston South Carolina born and raised and like they say "Nothing can be finer than to be from South Carolina."

The name of my blog is " the places I've gone and the things I put on". When it comes to my blog it was fueled behind the passion of sharing the places I've visited and the things I wore there or anywhere. It could be something as simple as going to the movies. It could also be something as big as going to an event or an out-of-town function. People would always ask me about being confident and state how I seem so confident and they loved how I carried myself. I've always worn whatever it is that I liked or wanted to wear and honestly never cared about anyone's input about it. My motto is: If you stress out about it you take the fun out of it. People would ask me where I shop and asked about the clothing that I wore. I've had people ask to meet with me and just chat about body confidence. Sometimes I felt a little confused because I never saw myself necessarily as someone who is fashionable in that aspect or even given much thought about how I portrayed myself as being confident. However; other people saw that in me. With all that being said, I am honored to be a Curvy Girl Chronicles Brand Ambassador. This movement is to promote Body Positivity and Healthy Curves. Body positivity to me is being good with yourself at every stage of your life, while making adjustments as needed.

Why am I here?

I'm here to motivate, Inspire and encourage you to love yourself and have fun! Your vibe is contagious, be positive, be yourself and most importantly be YOUR type of beautiful and be great at whatever it is you choose to do, Do you!

Telisha, who goes by the Charleston Chick, is a blogger and fashionista out of Charleston, South Carolina and of course, she's one of over 30 International Curvy Girl Chronicles Brand Ambassadors.

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