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Chicken Soup for the Soul: Curvy & Confident - Win 2 books

101 Stories about Loving Yourself and Your Body

(Part of Chicken Soup for the Soul)

By Amy Newmark, Emme Aronson and Natasha Stoynoff

With Contributing Author: Kristina Bigby

The next book in this inspirational Chicken Soup for the Soul series is Curvy and Confident, out December 27! I'm excited to be a contributing author and to celebrate I'm offering a FREE book giveaway to two winners. ENTER TO WIN A COPY. Giveaway runs from December 28 - December 31.

Barbie comes in a curvy model now, Sports Illustrated features full-size swimsuit models, and fashion designers are focusing more on curvy women. There’s a healthy conversation going on now about body image and self-esteem, and Chicken Soup for the Soul is part of it, with this collection of 101 stories celebrating all the different body types that women have and how we can all be curvy and confident—fit and fabulous with the body types we were issued at birth!

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